Range Rules

Please remember that the use of the range is a benefit for members.  Do NOT allow nonmembers access to the gate combination.

#1.  And  #2.  below are not suggestions but are safety requirements.

1.  Make sure no one is downrange before beginning shooting.  That includes all parts of the range.  Shooting at the 7 yard range must stop if someone is downrange at the 25, 50, and 100 yard range..  and vice versa.

2.  All firearms are to be empty and "clear", no ammunition in the chamber and the magazine out of the gun (if applicable), before anyone can go downrange.  No one is to go downrange while people are shooting.  If anyone wishes to go downrange for any reason it is imperative they inform the other shooters and wait until all shooters on the entire range indicate their firearms are "clear" before going downrange.  Upon returning to the firing line you must inform all shooters that you are no longer downrange.  Be polite and honor other shooter's requests to cease fire so they can go downrange.


1)  Observe all gun safety rules at all times.

2)  Gun muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

3)  Finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

4)  Gun unloaded until ready to shoot.

5)  Place target in front of dirt banks only.

6)  All shots must be fired into dirt banks.

7)  Paper targets only. No clay pigeons or bottles.

8)  No vehicles on range.

9)  No alcohol on range.

10)  Clean up shells, targets and other debris before leaving.

Additional range use rules:

1)  Shooting Hours: Monday through Saturday 9 am to Dusk

2)  Put up red flag before shooting.  Take it back down before leaving when done.

3)  Anyone under the age of 17, must be under the direct supervision, and kept out of harms way, by the adult who brings them to the range.

4)  Members only.  Guests brought to the range by a member are $5.00 each.  Members who bring guests are responsible to collect and turn the money over to a board member.  Violation of this rule will result in the loss of range privileges.

5)  Respect others at all times.

6)  Shooting 100 yards max from under covered pavilion.  Shooting shorter distance 25 yards or less use pistol range only.  Make sure firing line is safe before checking targets.

7)  Follow all gun safety rules.

-Gun muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

-Finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

-Gun unloaded until ready to shoot.

8)  Do not use stanchions downrange for a target.  (See * below) No makeshift or homemade targets or target stands allowed.

9)  Remove target stand from stanchion and remove used targets from target stand after shooting.  Return target stand to small building.

10)  All firearms in use must be pointed down range at all times.

Violation of range rules or intentional damage to the range facilities will result in an official inquiry and possible loss of membership.

Depending on severity of violation:

First Offense: A written reprimand.

Second Offense: Suspension for six months.

Third Offense (or severe first violation): Loss of membership (includes banning from range as a current member's "guest").


While on the range you must show your membership card if asked.

The range is not open to the general public except during special events.  However, members may bring nonmember guests to the range and are responsible for their guest's behavior and safety.  A range fee of $5 will be assessed for each non member guest. It is the member's responsibility to collect that fee.  This fee may be mailed to the gun club, given to a board member, given to an RSO on the range, or turned in at a regular gun club meeting held at PM on the first Wednesday of each month.  The guest range fee monies will be used for upkeep of the range and range supplies.

The sign in sheet, flag, and target stands are in the small building at the range.  Shooters are to sign in and raise the flag before shooting and sign out and take the flag down before leaving.  Shooters are to clean up their spent brass and remove their targets from target stands and return the target stands to the small building.

* Targets go on the target stand and the stand with targets goes into the stanchions already provided downrange.  Shoot at paper targets only.. no bottles, cans, clays, or other targets.  When setting targets downrange shooters are to be aware that bullets continue past targets and care must be taken to place targets so bullets will be sure to impact the dirt berm without damaging anything else downrange past the target. Be very aware that any bullet that goes over the top of the dirt berm will not stop but will come to earth somewhere far beyond club property and is a danger to the public! Shooters are legally responsible for any damage or harm caused by a bullet that goes over the top of the dirt berm!

The ranges available are: 7 yards, 25 yards, 50 yards, and 100 yards.

The 7 yard range has stanchions to put target stands in at 7 yards.

The 25 yard range has stanchions to put target stands in at 25 yards.

The 50 and 100 yard ranges have stanchions at 50 and 100 yards.

Patterning shotguns should be done using your own sheets of cardboard/paper suitable for the task.  Please do not use range target stands or stanchions for patterning shotguns since the pellet dispersal from a shotgun will damage the wood.  Shooting slugs from a shotgun would be the same as firing a rifle and target stands can be used.


Safety rules are posted at the range.  All range rules must be obeyed. Safe use of firearms is everyone's responsibility.

The range is open from 9 AM to DUSK Monday through Saturday and 12 PM to DUSK on Sunday.  During the summer the range will close at 5:00 PM on Wednesdays to accommodate regularly scheduled trap shooting.  Absolutely no shooting before opening times or after closing time.

Firearms permitted:

Any small arms.

No cannons or explosive devices may be used without prior permission of the Board of Directors.

Use of fully automatic firearms must have prior permission of the Board of Directors.

Ammunition permitted:

Any with the exception of:

No incendiary or explosive ammunition of any kind without permission of the Board of Directors.

Targets permitted:

Paper targets only.. no bottles, cans, clays, or other targets.

Bridgeport Gun Club endeavors to keep the range open for membership use.  However, from time to time there will be special shooting events during which, for safety's sake, the range must be closed to general use. Sometimes our local police departments use the range for training and the range is completely closed during those times.  Any special events or range closures will be listed in the monthly newsletter.

No vehicles are allowed on the range itself.  Handicapped members need to contact the Board of Directors if special accommodations are required. We will work something out so our handicapped members can enjoy the range.

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